Liner Notes:  Copper Lily

Copper Lily:  This porch stomping song is an homage to the original Appalachian Mountain Dew.  Ben -- guitar; vocals; Theresa -- fiddle; Michael -- fiddle sticks; Anna -- shakers

Tell It the Rest of the Way:  A father's assessment of his life and legacy, featuring two guest musicians. Ben -- guitar; vocals; Theresa -- fiddle; Michael --banjo; Anna -- accordion, vocals; Evan -- trumpet; Ava -- piano

Indianapolis 77: The story of Tony Kiritsis.  Mike -- guitar, vocals; Ben -- mandolin; vocals; Theresa -- fiddle; Anna -- accordion, vocals

Who's Your Man:  A song of love and pursuit.  Ben -- guitar, vocals; Theresa -- fiddle; Michael -- cojon; Anna -- accordion, vocals

Black Jack Davey:  A tradition folk song about a girl who forsakes her family and a life of luxury to run off with a gypsy.  Theresa -- fiddle; Ben -- guitar, vocals; Anna - accordion, vocals; Michael -- banjo

Annabelle:  A ballad written for Annabelle, a regular at Murphy's Shambles practices sessions. She's a dog who was rescued from Houston after the floods of 2018, and before those floods, apparently suffered neglect and abuse judging by the extreme fear she showed until she was adopted by Michael's family. She's now fully recovered and has become a furry bundle of unbridled joy.  Michael - guitar, vocals; Theresa -- ukulele; Ben -- guitar; Anna -- accordion

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